About 555 Timer IC – Pinout,Max Voltage, Datasheet etc

The 555 IC is an electronic chip with 8 pins, it is a popular IC that most students and hobbyists use in their projects.

The chip is primarily used for Timer projects but it has many many uses like LED flasher, remote switch etc

In this page, we will learn about it’s pinout, max voltage etc. You can download it’s data sheet also

555 Pinout Diagram

  1. Ground ( – Negative )
  2. Trigger
  3. Output
  4. Reset
  5. Control
  6. Threshold
  7. Discharge
  8. VCC (+ Positive )

Maximum Voltage – 15V but absolute maximum voltage before the chip can fry is 18V

Minimum Voltage is 4.5V but i have used a 555 timer with 3V – 3.7V power supply

Uses: Timer circuits, Led flashing circuits. etc

555 Timer IC Datasheet Download

555 IC Datasheet Download

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