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Aladdin Movie Review 2019

Aladdin is a Hollywood movie released in 2019, here is the review of the movie from

Rating – 8/10


An old arabian tale, aladdin – the movie, is vibrant, centered to the love of aladdin to princess jasmine and it keeps you focused to the movie whole time. It also teaches you that at the end of the day, money and power aren’t everything.

In the end, on his last and final wish, Aladdin freed the genie so genie could continue life as a human, it’s something that genie wished so long, it means a lot if you understand.

Will smith did a great job as genie, and abu, a little cute monkey and a magic carpet are gems of the movie

The negative things about the movie are that the villain, known as Jafar was not that thrilling, they could find better actors for the job.

They could have added more action scenes in the climax, feels like it ended too early.

It is one of the best movies out there that you must watch

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