Android Advanced WebView App Guide

This is a help page for the advanced plus android  webview project that we sell on this website.  This was created to guide our customers to help to configure, fix common errors and successfully create their app painlessly and comfortable.

Why Advanced Android Webview project?

For anyone who is new into android development, it can be confusing and stressing to code an app with no prior knowledge of android development, that is why this app was created.

Advanced plus webview by zidsworld is one of the best android webview projects out there that is developed, maintained and sold by zidsworld. This is sold for a reasonable and affordable price of $10 and it has many features including file upload and download, best permissions handling etc which helps our customers to develop a powerful WebView app for their website or for clients.

We believe in quality and honesty for what we sell that is why we provide after purchase support till our customers are satisfied with the purchase. If you want purchase the app, please see this page Purchase Android Advanced Webview App

1. I have purchased this project, now how will i import this to Android Studio?

It is simple. After you have purchased the android advanced plus webview project, you will receive it in zip file, the zip file contains all the files for the project. First unzip the zip file to a folder in your computer’s Desktop or to any location that is easily accessible.

After unzipping the project, open your android studio and click on the File in the top left, then select New, and then select import project. The file browser will appear, now go to the location, for example, the Desktop or any location where you have unzipped the project.

Now the unzipped project folder will be green icon (android studio icon), select it and wait until the project is loaded and gradle sync is finished. That is it, you can now connect your USB cable to your computer and run the app on your android device or emulator.

2. How will i change my app’s package id?

The package id must be unique to every android app, you must change your package id of your app so you can publish it to googleplay store or any other app store. The package id will look like this “com.example.myapp”. To know how you can change your app’s package name, see this page How to change android package id

3. After changing package id, i am facing “no matching client found error“, how will i fix this?

Do not worry, this is a common error that will occur when changing package id, the reason why this error occur is because your app has admob integrated already, so the admob is connected to the google-services.json file, so when you change the package id, the google-services.json file id will no longer be valid so you must change this. See this page to fix it Fix no matching client found error android

4. I want change my app colors, how will i do it?

You can change your app colors by going to res > values > colors.xml 

The colorPrimary will change toolbar actionbar color and colorPrimaryDark will change status bar color. colorAccent  will change app elements color, for example: progressbar icon color, settings font color etc

5. How to change my app icon?

To change your app launcher icon, see this page How to change app icon

This page will be updated….

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