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Story behind this app project

I guess you already know that the official instructables app is not in Android playstore and apple store anymore. Allegedly, The instructables stated they unpublished it because they couldn’t maintain it anymore.

Official app was good and most users of instructables used it more than loading instructables on a browser.

So here is my attempt to bring it back, this app is never as cool as official instructables app, but I’m hoping it will help you to view and publish instructables projects a bit easy, download link is below this page

Note: This app has no official connection with instructables, this is unofficial instructables app




Mobile mode

This mode loads the mobile version of instructables website

Desktop mode

This loads PC version of the website

Night mode

This mode applies a dark theme throughout the app, makes it easier to view instructables at night.

Easy navigation links


App version: 4.3.3

Size: 3MB>

Last Updated: 02/17/2018

For Android: 4.1 and Up.

Download it here



After downloading it, click on the file and select yes to install it on your phone.

if you are trying to install an app without googleplay (outside googleplay) for the first time, you will need go to your phone settings and allow installation of apps from “Unknown Sources “.

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