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If you are looking to develop a WebView based app for Android for your website or for a client, you will need a lot of time and stress invested to the app building process, especially if you are new into Android development.

You can save time and stress if you use a sample app project that costs just $2 starting price.

The sample app projects will include all the features and files you need (depending on which one you purchase), you can just import it to Android studio and build your app, no need write complex codes, just set your icons, add your website link and other options.

Depending on the selection, your sample app will have basic to more advanced features.

Why sample app?

The sample apps are already loaded with all the features of your requirements, so you don’t need take the stress of complex coding and you can save time.

Some of the features of the sample apps are below:

  • Webview file upload
  • Hide toolbar on scroll
  • Progressbar
  • Splash screen on App start
  • Webview file download
  • Runtime permissions
  • JavaScript
  • Cookies
  • Location access
  • Google Admob
  • Swipe Refresh

You will only need to enter the address of your website or your client’s website into the app and change the app’s name to make it yours.

The sample app has several plans, Basic and Advanced. Let’s explore each one.

Basic Webview App ($2)

This basic webview app will have the following features:

  • WebView
  • Splash
  • Hide / Show toolbar on scroll
  • ProgressBar
  • Google Admob Enabled
  • Permissions in manifest
  • JavaScript Enabled
  • Cookies Enabled

Advanced Webview App ($5)

Advanced has more features and it’s best value, its main features are these:

  • Webview
  • Hide Toolbar on scroll
  • ProgressBar
  • Manifest Permissions
  • Runtime Permissions
  • Webview File Upload
  • Google Admob Enabled
  • Whatsapp share, Facebook share etc enabled
  • JavaScript and Cookies
  • Option menu
  • Swipe Refresh
  • About page

Can i Publish these in Google Playstore?

Of course yes, all the sample projects can be published to google play store, you have complete control over this app project to change package name, icon and customize it anyway you want.

How will i use this in Android Studio?

It’s easy, after purchasing and downloading this project, all you need is click on the File > Import Project > and select this project in android studio, then this project will be loaded and compiled in the android studio and you can edit the required fields, i.e- app name, your website link, change themes, icons etc.

How will i Download this Webview Sample Project?

Just send an Email to [email protected] and let me know which app project you want, basic or advanced, then you can send the payment.

The project will be send in a zip file to you, you can then download and import the project to your Android studio where you can configure the project and customize your app and build apks.

I will guide you along if you need help.


You can pay with PayPal if you are outside india, If you are in india you can pay using direct transfer, paytm, phonepe etc

All the sample apps will have after-purchase support, that is if you face any errors, you can just contact me and i will be here for you to assist. So if you need this webview project,  Send Mail Now

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