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Download Android Webview Source Code – Webview Template Sample Project

Last updated on november 30, 2020

Are you looking for building an android app for your website using WebView? If yes, i want you to know that even if webview seems easy to work on, it takes a lot of complex coding to build a good android webview app.😣🖥️⌨️

When developing webview apps, some of the difficult things you may face are in the following area:

  • File Upload problem
  • File Download problem
  • Unknown URL Schemes error
  • Permission Handling errors
  • New Window Login (blank page when login with facebook)
  • Location Access

So it’s a good idea if you can use a Readymade WebView App Template that handles all of those complex features. This will save your time 🕦 and stress 😨. This was the reason I have built an advanced and feature rich webview app template that supports all those features, not only those features, but quite a lot of other complex features including the following:

  • WebView File Upload
  • WebView Download any file
  • UPI Payment support
  • Attractive gradient themes
  • Whatsapp share, Whatsapp opening, GooglePlay store opening, Facebook share etc enabled
  • Opening External Apps from WebView
  • Unknown URL Schemes Support (call, sms, open email app, open whatsapp etc)
  • OneSignal Notification and many other features.
  • Drawer & Bottom navigation bar

The App Templates here that i built will help you to create your functional webview android app for your website easily, the template only needs your website link, a color and a few other things that you can easily add to the project, i will also help you to build the project if you are new into this 😊. Or i can also build you the android App you want with additional payment.

There are 3 templates here, Basic to advanced Plus. Advanced Plus is the best hybrid template that i actively work.

Let’s look at each template

Advanced Plus WebView App Source Code (Price: $10)

Code updated Nov 29, 2020

This is a professional android webview template project source code that is best selling, comes with all important features of Android WebView and is active in development. You can buy this project with PayPal, PayTM, phonepe, GooglePay etc.

Advanced Plus Webview Features

  • Highly Advanced WebView 🌍
  • Chromium WebView Engine
  • Splash on Start
  • Auto Hide/Show Toolbar on scroll
  • Progress Bars (4 types) ⏳
  • Custom Error Page
  • Manifest & Runtime Permissions
  • Files Upload Support 📤
  • Download any file 📥
  • Google Admob Banner ADS 💰 (earn money from your app with google ads)
  • Google Interstitial ADS 💰 (earn money from your app with google fullscreen ads)
  • WhatsApp share, Whatsapp opening, GooglePlay store opening, Facebook share etc supported
  • Opening External Apps from WebView
  • Unknown URL Schemes Support (call, sms, open email app, open whatsapp etc)
  • JavaScript and Cookies
  • Option menu
  • Swipe Refresh
  • About page
  • Settings Activity ⚙️
  • Full screen Video Support 🎞️
  • Auth0 Login Support (Login using Facebook, google etc via Multi Window)
  • Advanced Multi Window
  • Boolean Feature Switches
  • One Signal Push Notification (new) 🔔
  • Firebase notification and messaging
  • One Signal in-app messaging (new)
  • Dark Theme (new) 🌃
  • Drawer Navigation Menu (new) 📃
  • Bottom Navigation Bar (new)
  • UPI Payment Support (Any banks)
  • Gradient or solid Themes Support (new)
  • Deep linking
  • GPS Access
  • Blob files download Support

Need a demo apk? Download advanced plus demo app

Buy Advanced Plus Now: WhatsApp (+91 963 303 9471)

Facebook: Facebook Message

PayPal: PayPal

Email: Email

If you pay by PayPal, the source code will be sent to your email address after payment confirmation.

Advanced Plus WebView App + Development ( $20 or 1500)

If you are a beginner, and you are looking for someone to create your webview app for your website, use this plan. If you choose this, your app will be developed by me using the advanced plus project. You will get your app ready in 1 day and i will send you app APK that is ready to install and googleplay distribution. I will also send you the source code, App key and other required files.

To build your app by me, you need send me the following things:

  • App icon
  • Your requirements
  • Your Website Link
  • Your preferred color
  • Splash Icon (if not, your app icon will be used for splash)
  • App name etc

Basic Webview App Source Code (Price: $3)

This basic webview app template will have the following features:

  • WebView
  • Chromium Engine
  • Splash
  • Hide / Show toolbar on scroll
  • ProgressBar
  • Google Admob Enabled
  • Permissions in manifest
  • JavaScript Enabled
  • Cookies Enabled

Advanced Webview App Source Code (Price: $6)

Advanced has more features, its main features are these:

  • WebView
  • Chromium Engine
  • Splash on Start
  • Hide Toolbar on scroll
  • ProgressBar
  • Manifest Permissions
  • Runtime Permissions
  • Webview File Upload
  • Webview Download any file
  • Google Admob Enabled
  • Whatsapp share, Facebook share etc enabled
  • JavaScript and Cookies
  • Option menu
  • Swipe Refresh
  • About page
  • Settings Activity

REST API Based Android App Template

This template is not webview based, it is REST API Based app template mostly for WordPress and REST API supported websites, you can find more info about this here Download Android WordPress API App Source Code

How can I Purchase these Webview Template Projects?

For buying advanced plus, you can use the PayPal button above or you can just send an Email to [email protected] or send me a WhatsApp (+919 633 039471) message or please call me and let me know which app project you want, basic, advanced, Advanced plus, or advanced plus + development, then you can send the payment.

The project will be send in a zip file to you, you can then download, unzip and import the project to your Android studio where you can customize your app and build APKs.

I will help and guide you if you need help, you are always welcome to contact me for support


You can pay with PayPal , GooglePay, Paytm, phonepe or any payment method that your country supports.

All the sample apps will have after-purchase support, that means if you face any errors, or you need help, just contact me and i will be here for you to assist, fix code, or add features. So if you need this project, send me a WhatsApp (click to send me message) message or Send Mail (click to send Email)

A few words about android webview projects on

These projects are built using latest Android libraries and codes that are up to date.

Why Sample App Projects?

The sample app projects here are Universal Webview Template App projects (source code) that will include all the features and files you need (depending on which one you purchase), you can just import it to Android studio and build your app.

No need write complex codes, just set your icons, add your website link and other options including app colors, add the extra features that you want, then you can build the APK of the app which then can be installed in android phones and distributed through Google playstore or through any other media.

Depending on the selection, your sample app will have basic to more advanced features.

Here is a demo video of the sample app testing download and upload functions

Boolean feature switches is a great function that helps you to switch on or switch off a feature without removing any code!, For example: if you don’t want top bar or toolbar, and wants to hide it, you can just set the ShowToolbar function to false and to true to show it. Same you can do to other features such as drawer, option menu, bottom bar, ads etc

Some Apps Created with Advanced Plus

Can i Publish These Apps in Google Play Store?

Yes, all the sample projects can be compiled to APK packages and published to google play store or any android app store, you have complete control over this app project to change package name, change icon, customize color, change themes, texts etc any way you want

Please remember to read google play policies and terms of services before uploading any app on play store. If you’re using website for someone, you need their permission to do so, google can check this

How will i use these Projects in Android Studio?

It is easy, after purchasing and downloading this project, unzip it to a folder and then all you need to do is click on the File > New > Import Project > and select this project in android studio, then this project will be loaded and compiled in the android studio and you can edit the required fields, i.e- app name, your website link, change themes, icons etc. Here is a help page to learn the project. Android Advanced WebView App Guide

Why we don’t sell this project in an online market place?

Market places like code canyon, envato etc take too much commission from a sale, commission like 50 – 75%. So as developers, we earn less and will be forced to increase the project price to $20 – $30 for apps like advanced plus, that we developers at zidsworld can’t accept.

We spend months to develop, fix bugs, add features etc to develop the advanced plus and other projects, also we are regularly maintaining the advanced plus and all other apps we sell on this website. So we chose to sell on our own website.

By selling on this website, we can sell apps for low price like $3 for basic webview app and $10 for advanced plus webview etc.

Your money is safe, we have sold many webview projects in recent months and all our customers like it and are happy because the project is affordable and customer support is best. Do not worry, every customer is very valuable to us

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