Android Send Screenshot to Server Java | PHP

Android java code to capture phone screenshot and send it to server using java PHP

This is Android source code which takes a screenshot of the current screen of phone and sends it to server.

The android code is written in java and server side code is written in PHP. The source code is inside a zip file which you can import in android studio. PHP code is also provided and it also contains an instruction file which will guide you

As test the app loads a webpage, and after loading finished, it takes a screenshot and sends it to server.

The server php code receive the screenshot and converts it to image and saves it in high quality image


  • Capture High quality screenshot from Android device and sends it to your website
  • Simple server code, the recieved image is saved into a folder
  • Detailed instructions
  • Best customer support
  • Useful for offer apps and other purposes

Demo app and functions

Install demo app here

View Captured images in this link


The source code cost is $8, you can pay with PayPal

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