Here is How to Fix No matching Client Found for Package Name on Android

How to Solve Error:Execution failed for task No matching client found error Android Studio Java

This simple tutorial may help you to fix the following android studio error

Error:Execution failed for task ':app:processAllcategoriesDebugfreeGoogleServices'. No matching client found for package name ''

The most common causes for this error to occur is because you have changed your existing app project package name id, changed package id that already had admob integration, or played around with google-services.json file, so the app id is not matching in the google-services.json file.

here is a way to fix it.

In android studio, select Project Files window and then select app folder. then navigate to google-services.json



Open google-services.json file



Change the package name in this file, see the line marked in Red, type there your app package name id, example;

Sync or refresh your project after doing this, your error should be fixed now.

Update: If you are new to android development, or just can’t fix this error, i can fix it for you for a small fee of US $2 (₹120 indian rupees). Just send me your project through email or google drive, i will fix your project and send it back to you. You can pay me through Paypal, Direct Bank Transfer (NEFT,IMPS,UPI) etc. i do this service to all countries. For more details, contact me through [email protected] or [email protected]


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