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Android Webview Advanced Plus App Project for Android

Website to App – Android Advanced Webview Template Source Code with File Upload and Download

Advanced plus webview app sample

Take no more stress and waste no more time coding for android webview app. This advanced plus webview Template (source code) here is a well evolved android webview Project that can be used to build perfect webview apps for your website.

Android Webview Advanced Plus Cost: $10 (700 INR).

It supports the following features

  1. File Upload & Download
  2. Camera Direct Upload and Multiple Files Upload Support
  3. Firebase & Onesignal Notification Support
  4. Left Drawer Menu & Bottom Navigations
  5. Option Menu
  6. Auto Show / Hide Toolbar on Scroll Down & Scroll Up
  7. Advanced Multi Window Supporting Login with Google and Facebook
  8. Custom Error Page when Internet Error
  9. Unknown URL Schemes Support (including whatsapp, email, tel, sms etc)
  10. Dark Theme
  11. Settings Activity & About Page
  12. Splash Screen on App Start
  13. Runtime Permissions Handling
  14. GPS and Location Access with Prompt
  15. Different Progress Bars (horizontal, rotating, intermediate)
  16. Admob Ads (Banner + Interestital)
  17. Swipe refresh


Go here to purchase

How can i use it to Build my Own Webview App?

The advanced plus is a readymade and professional app template. You can use this template to build a perfect webview app for your website, saving your time and stress. No coding required. All you need is a functional Android Studio and internet connection. From Android Studio, you can import this project by clicking File > Open > Advanced Plus Webview

  1. It can be just imported to your Android Studio and you can start building your app.
  2. Just set your website link, app colors, app name, change package id etc. No coding required, save your time and stress.
  3. If a feature like navigation drawer, bottom navigation, toolbar, option menu etc not needed, you can simply deactivate them with the Boolean switches. No need change or remove any code.

How to Buy Advanced Plus Webview Source Code

Go here to purchase

For Payment, You can pay with PayPal, PayTM, GooglePay or UPI or any payment method your country supports.

If you need help, i will also help you to set up the project in android studio using TeamViewer or edit the code if necessary. Best customer support is guaranteed.

For $20, i can also build your app. Just provide me app icon, link, color, features that you want. I will build your app using advanced plus source code and send you APK and source code

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