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Android App that turns a photo of your handwritten notes into an editable PDF

Android App that turns a photo of your handwritten notes into an editable PDF

If you want to turn your handwritten notes into an editable PDF document, then you have surely landed in the right place and at right time.

In this article, we will tell you all about how you can turn handwritten notes into editable files.

To convert a photo of your handwritten text on it, you must connect with OCR technology and tools. Don’t know about OCR?

Well, OCR is short for optical character recognition, which can help you identify and extract all kinds of text and other elements from an image.

Today you have dozens of online OCR tools that can help you convert text from an image.

Turn a photo of handwritten text into an editable PDF file?

Now, question is whether you can extract your handwritten text from a photo into a digital document format. It may sound impossible to you, but you must know that anything is possible in this modern age of technology.

To get your handwritten content converted into editable PDFs, you must walk yourself through some steps and use some tools and applications.

The stages that you have to go through are:

  1. Taking a clear picture of handwritten notes.
  2. Scanning image with an online OCR tool.
  3. Saving extracted content in PDF format.
  4. Using PDF to word converter app for making a document editable.

You obviously would have taken photo of your handwritten content with your smartphone.

So let us tell you about next stages and tools that can help you turn the notes in editable format.

Scanning image with an Online OCR tool!

There are many online OCR converter for image to text converter tools listed on the web these days. One of the most commonly used tools cum application belongs to Microsoft office. The MS OneNote is a program that you can easily use on your mobile phone to scan your images and change them into PDF.

You have to open OneNote on your device and enter image with the handwritten text. After inserting the image, you have to click on it and select the option that says ‘copy text from the picture’. This command would help you extract all visible letters from the image.

OneNote is free to use and so you don’t have to worry about any expense of conversion. OneNote would get your image text in TXT or PDF format.

Here, you don’t have to rely on OCR tools to extract text from images. Instead, you can also save your images in PDF format in the first place and use the best PDF to word applications to get your handwritten notes in a digital and editable format.

If you want to convert PDF images or scanned files to editable format on your mobile, you have to read the next section!

PDF to Word Converter Free – PDF Converter to JPG

This is a very famous all pdf converter application that you can get from your respective stores. This pdf converter app is an all-in-one solution that can help you change your photos of handwritten notes to PDF or editable text. In this pdf word converter application, you are going to find multiple tools which would help you with multiple conversions.

You have to install this pdf converter to word app from Google Playstore on your mobile and follow the steps that we have listed here for you:

  1. First, open this pdf converter app and find the JPG to PDF converter option. You can easily open the converter and upload a photo of your notes in it. Click convert button and get the PDF version of your photo.
  2. Now that you have saved PDF version of image, you have to take help from another application tool to make it editable.
  3. You would see the PDF to word converter free tool on the main interface of application. Please open it and enter saved PDF file in tool.
  4. After inserting PDF file, you have to click on ‘convert to word’.
  5. The app would take a few seconds to turn your PDF files into editable word docs.

You can easily save or edit your handwritten notes digitally once you save them in word.


After reading this article, you have learned how to change your handwritten notes into editable docs and that too for free. Today mobile applications are helping us a lot in our daily lives, and one of the best examples of this help is using PDF to word converter app to change your handwritten docs to editable and usable work. We would suggest you stay tuned with us for more details about ocr technology and the PDF to word conversion!


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