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Set Custom Font for TextView Android App Java

This tutorial will help you to learn to set a custom font or your favourite ttf font for a TextView in android java Create a TextView in…

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How to Fix cannot resolve symbol ‘context’ in Java Android

This is a common error when you  use context as a variable but you haven’t initialized and declared it for example, take a look at this screenshot….

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How to Hide Toolbar ActionBar Android Java

To hide the toolbar or ActionBar in Java, use the below code getSupportActionBar().hide(); To show the toolbar or ActionBar, use this getSupportActionBar().show(); Remember to use appropriate themes,…


How to Change Android Package Name Id Android Studio

Changing package name of an android app is explained here, it is not hard, however, you may face error in the google-services.json file, but it is an…


How to Stop,Close or Finish an Activity on Android Java Programmatically

To close,stop or finish an activity, use this java code // close this activity finish(); For example: Intent i = new Intent(ThisActivity.this, NextActivity.class); startActivity(i); // close this…


How to Clear Cache On Android WebView

Clear cache in Android webview This simple java code can be used to clear cache on android WebView Mywebview.clearCache(true); true or false here is boolean. Usually it…


How to Change Android App Version to New Version Android Studio

Changing version name and version code is important when you updating your android app, Example version: 1.0.1, 1.2.2 etc. Each time when you updating an android app…

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Simplest FM Transmitter Electronic Circuit DIY

Simple DIY Fm Transmitter Electronic Circuit This is a simplest FM transmitter circuit i built so far, for educational purposes. many “simple transmitters” (Most transmitters on internet…

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12V DC Dual Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Regulated Dual DC 12V DIY Electronic Circuit Diagram This circuit can be used to create your own Dual power supply What Exactly is a Dual Power Supply?…

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Best Modems For Good Battery Life On Samsung Galaxy S2 SII I9100

What is a mobile phone modem? Your phone’s cellular  connection,internet connection, speed etc established through modem. In some mobile phones, you can get good signal and internet…