Best Ad Networks for Android 2020

Top Mobile Advertise Ad Networks for Android App Monetizing

Are you looking for a good ad network for your Android app monetization?

Here is a list of best ad networks that i could find from my own experience, this list will be updated when necessary.

So what ad network is the best for Android?


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AdMob by Google

This is the best ad network that i used, Admob gives you accurate impressions and timely payments, admob is a high quality ad network that has more advertisers in the world than possibly any other ad networks for android.

The impression counts and earnings are calculated real-time and it displays close estimate of your final earning, which is good thing because this real-time refreshing can’t be seen on the dashboards of other ad networks, they make you wait long to see the updated informations

The admob is run by Google so the service can be high quality.

But with high quality comes high strictness, yes, you need to be careful that you don’t violate any of admob’s policies. if you do, they will disable ads serving to your app and sometimes they will suspend your admob account which can be a hard slap to your earnings

Because admob is popular ad network and once your account get suspended, you are forever out,possibly


Startapp is a good ad network for Android that claims to have higher CPM, but from my experience, the impressions counting and calculations are not accurate.

It takes long time for the impression and earnings etc to be updated, and i feel like the impressions are low compared to admob. But i would still use Startapp because the payment is timely.

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You can sign up for startapp hereĀ Startapp – Sign up


I recently started using this ad network, so far i think it is ok, the impression count is ok and ecpm is not bad,i will update you when i acquire more information about this ad network

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