Best Bluetooth Module for your Audio Amplifier

Stereo Audio Bluetooth Module with no China Lady Sound for DIY Audio Amplifiers

Looking for a good Bluetooth Module for your Audio Amplifier? Here i got one for you. Let’s see what makes it good from other Bluetooth modules.

Just like you, i was looking for a good and clean Bluetooth module that i can integrate into a 4.1 home audio system that i am currently building. But sadly, i couldn’t find such a module even on Aliexpress, the largest online seller from china. I ordered a HW-770 bluetooth module but it had the chinese lady sound which i do not like and is large than this one

What makes a Bluetooth Module a good Bluetooth Module?

A good Bluetooth module will have the following things:

  1. Stereo Audio Output (L and R)
  2. No chinese ladies sounds when connect and disconnect
  3. Just a short beep or alert sound upon connect/disconnect
  4. Good range (Over 10 meters)
  5. Small size
  6. Good audio out gain

The most annoying thing i don’t like about most modules is that the chinese lady sound which were long like “The bluetooth device…(pause) connected successfully” and “The bluetooth device disconnected” every single time you connect and disconnect a device. Some modules had sounds like a big and heavy steel bowl falling down to a floor upon disconnection which would shake the whole house if a subwoofer is active. 

I do not understand why the chinese technicians program such things into commercial Bluetooth audio devices, it is so annoying each time you connect and disconnect. This was the reason for me to go out and look for a module which would fulfill my requirement and finally i found one and here it is.

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This module has the features:

  1. Stereo Audio Channels
  2. High Quality Audio out
  3. Good audio gain
  4. Small size (1 inch)
  5. No annoying sounds, just a beep and alert sound upon disconnection and power on
  6. Good channel separation
  7. +5V supply
  8. Long range

The chip used in this module is AC19EA1720-39B2 and i can’t find a datasheet of it. But it seems like it’s a great chip

I tested the range of this and got more than 10 meters in an open space and this is the best bluetooth audio module out there. I couldn’t find it online, got it from a local shop for around $2 US dollars. This module worth every penny i spent.

If you want this module, you can contact me by email or whatsapp and if it is available on local shop, i will ship it to you, currently the shipping will be only inside india and you must pay the shipping fee


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