Best Modems For Good Battery Life On Samsung Galaxy S2 SII I9100

What is a mobile phone modem?

Your phone’s cellular  connection,internet connection, speed etc established through modem. In some mobile phones, you can get good signal and internet connectivity etc with different modems if the modem it already has is getting poor connectivity over cellular networks.

Which modem is best for galaxy s2 i9100?

I have tested 3 modems so far and here’s my review:

S2 i9100 Stock Modem (4.1.2): it’s good, battery efficient. But internet connectivity is not good because it heats up when browsing on chrome. but remember, the internet speed sometimes depend on your network,area etc.

Modem_XXMS4:   Good modem. With this modem, i get full bars of signals inside my house without much effort to phone, internet is good, doesn’t get hot when browsing on chrome and other html5 based browsers. But sadly, it’s battery consumption isn’t very Good. But you can use this modem if your area has weak signals. Battery life can be average

ModemKI4:   The nice modem. My favourite,  it may not get you full bars signals inside your home. But it has good internet connectivity and great battery life! I use this one currently and it is good.  You will need disable internet when switch to 3G network. I recommend you this, but there maybe better modems out there. I haven’t tested all.


Doesn’t need wipe anything,  just enter to cwm recovery,and flash the modem zip file that you want.

Warning! – These modems are only for Samsung galaxy S2 i9100!

You can find these modems at XDA i9100 Modems

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