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Bluetooth Audio Adapter Review

Bluetooth Audio Receiver Adapter Review, Audio Quality, Pros and Cons

With this bluetooth adapter, you can turn your audio amplifier and speakers into a wireless audio player. it is easy to connect, to install and to play.


  • Easy to connect
  • Around 10 meters distance
  • Plays a tone upon connection success
  • Good quality Sound output
  • LED indicator


  • No stereo sound
  • Noise in the audio
  • Cheap quality
  • Low sound in some amplifier or speaker

This is what you can expect for this price, but in my opinion, having no stereo sound output is a big disadvantage and the noise can be disturbing in some devices.

How to Connect Bluetooth Adapter to a Speaker or Amplifier?

You can plug this adapter to a USB port for power and then connect it’s output to an amplifier’s audio input.

Turn on Bluetooth in your phone, Find and connect to this adapter, and then play music or audio in your phone. if the connection is successful, the device will notify you with a tone.

The Disadvantage of Bluetooth Audio Adapter

I must mention that this device’s audio output is mono, not stereo and that’s a major downside.

keep in mind that i am talking about the exactly same product in the picture above, not all bluetooth adapters are mono and i don’t know if they have updated this adapter to support stereo, you will have to check that yourself.

Just these types of adapters are mostly mono, not stereo

Why does stereo/mono ouput matter?

Stereo audio has 2 channels, they are called LEFT and RIGHT (L and R), mono has only 1 channel.

Stereo audio provides excellent audio quality while mono sounds the same in left and right

The device can be bought from online stores for cheap price, I bought mine for just under US$2

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