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Choosing the best PCB manufacturer to build your PCBs

PCBs are indeed unavoidable part of electronics that helps hundreds of different types of components hold together in a small space.

Over the past decades, the PCB manufacturing technologies have evolved at a great pace making manufacturing electronics products easier, cost effective, space saving and money saving.

With the PCB technologies evolving, the chips have evolved too making use of less components today.

An example is a cellphone, let’s do an analysis on a modern smartphone, if you open it up and analyze the PCB of it, you can see less components are used in it than a phone used a decade ago.

What this means is the advancements of PCB and semiconductor technologies evolving so much that it helps the world to grow fast in technological advancements, be it in healthcare, hospitals, everyday lives, automotives, music industry or any edge of the life that the advancement of PCBs and semiconductors impacted the world so much that made our lives more productive, organized and blissful.

Choosing the best PCB manufacturer

China, without a doubt make great PCBs, they are the leading manufacturers of PCBs in the world.

But when it comes to choosing a right manufacturer to build the PCBs for your electronics project, be it for a hobby project or professional, you need make sure that you have chosen the best manufacturer of PCBs because there are many PCB manufacturing companies in china and one of the best and advanced PCB manufacturing companies are nextPCB.

NextPCB specialize in the PCB production technology with advanced factories and professional employees.

Some plans of nextPCB

NextPCB doesn’t charge for building your prototype PCB, it is free.

That is a good thing, because incase you mess up the prototype, it will not lose you money.

Here are some reasons for choosing nextPCB.

  • Full E-test for each PCB
  • Worldwide shipping
  • PCB Fabrication
  • Fast lead time as 24 hours.
  • Yamaha Pick & Place Machine populating.
  • Components and Parts sourcing.
  • SMT & Through Hole Assembly with Wave Soldering.
  • All PCB and Assembly done in-house.
  • PCB and Assembly Quantity Assurance 60 days.
  • 100% E-test and Functional Testing Support
  • 24 Hours Non-stop Tech Support and Production.
  • One-on-one sales assistance.

A Drilling department of NextPCB

The advanced factories of NextPCB is capable to build your orders with latest PCB technologies.

One of the products created at NextPCB

A PCB drilling machine at NextPCB facility

So to get yourself the best and cost effective PCB building services with free prototype and world class quality products, just contact NextPCB.

NextPCB contact information


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