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Using kreditbee for loan? – know this

Taking loans from kreditbee can be a bad idea

Kreditbee is a personal loan app, taking loans by kreditbee may help some of us when we are in urgent need of some money 💰. It’s easy to get money as low as 5000 on kreditbee, but it should be avoided and i will explain why 🥴

Reasons not to take loans from kreditbee ❌

  • For taking 5000 loan, your account will be credited only nearly 4400
  • Interest is too high, you need pay back nearly 5200
  • You must pay full loan amount in 2 months
  • You will get your phone number bombarded by offer text messages from kreditbee
  • Other loan companies will contact you, this must be because your personal details are shared by kreditbee

So these are the reasons not to get a loan from kreditbee, interest rate is nearly 21% 😪

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