Download Android RecyclerView App Source Code

Android Recyclerview Example Source Code

A RecyclerView is one of the most important view widgets of Android, It is faster and more efficient than the Gridviews and List views. With recyclerview, you can add many views and and widgets in a space and layout saving nature inside the RecyclerView, you can add images, buttons, texts, videos and many things inside recyclerview.

In this page, you can download the readymade recyclerview app source code which you can copy to your android  project. You can also load the project in android studio and test in your devices, the source code is ready to use


Download Android RecyclerView App Source Code

Price : $5 

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  • Loads a set of images from a folder
  • Different texts under each image
  • Loads images from network (RESTFUL API)
  • Different layouts (Grid, List etc)
  • Advanced Custom Adapter
  • Arraylist
  • We provide customer support

How to use

After purchase, you will get a zip file. You just unzip the zip to a new folder and then open android studio and click on the “Open” button and select the unzipped folder, that’s it.

The source code will be loaded in android studio and you can learn it, copy it to your android project etc.

We also provide customer support, incase you need any help, we will always help you

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