Download Android Webview App Source Code Template

Download Android WebView App Source Code - Website to App WebView Ready Made Full Source Code Template 2021

Easily Build or Convert your website or web application to Android App with professional features using our best Webview Source Code. Reach more Audience, customers & Boost your sales in your Website
Some Apps built With this source code

Article Last updated On : May 13, 2021

Do you need an Android App for your website? Or you want build android apps for your customers?

Here is the most advanced webview source code we developed with many years of development to help you easily create the most advanced android webview apps for any websites.

All you need is a computer & Android Studio (free), you can just download the source code and import it in Android Studio and build app for any website, no programming skills required and no need to learn any programming languages.

With our documentation video, it will be easy for you, you can build app in around 2 hours and we will also help you if you need help.

The WebView source code here will help you to create your functional webview android app for your website easily, this template only need your website link, a color and a few other things that you can easily add to the project.

No more stress and no more spending time coding and debugging, these source codes can convert any Website to Android App easily and with professional, user friendly features that will boost your website visitors, sales, communications and functions

Article Last updated On : May 1, 2021

Advanced Plus WebView App Source Code ( Price: $10 )

This code is excellent for all types of websites including Ecommerce, shopping, Navigation, News etc


Price: $10  

Buy with PayPal
Other buying options

WebView Advanced Plus is a professional and simple, Easy to Use Android Native WebView Template Source Code with Native Android features. It is a high quality premium source code. Last year, hundreds of webview apps have been built with this source code. This code comes with many rich features of Android WebView and is active in development.

Youtube Video Documentation

Play Video

No coding required, just set your app icon, your website link and colors etc in Android Studio, you can easily do it using the documentation and it will be ready to run and upload to Google PlayStore.

Advanced Plus Webview Features

Best Customer Support

We believe in quality and customer satifaction, so if you face any issues with our code, just contact us for quick resolutions via AnyDesk, WhatsApp, Email, Call etc

Supports Upload & Download

This source code supports All types of Files Upload & Download

Supports WhatsApp

The advanced plus supports opening WhatsApp and also sharing web content directly to WhatsApp from Websites, this is useful for websites enquiry, sales etc, It supports Email, playstore, zoom etc also


One Signal Push Notification & inapp messaging 🔔 Send your customers notification alert or message about new products or services

GPS Geolocation Support

This source code supports Geolocation with GPS Access

Dark Theme & Night Mode

You can switch the app theme to dark and you can also activate Night Mode which turns web contents Dark

Side Drawer Menu & Bottom Navigation Bar and Option Menu

Different menus available including Side drawer, bottom navigation bar, option menu etc

Supports Facebook, Google Logins

Logging in to websites using google, facebook, twitter etc supported

Google Admob Ads

You can earn money from your app with google admob banner & Interstitial ADS

Full screen Video

Full screen Video Supported, with the fullscreen enable icon

Easy to Set Up

Very easy to Set Up, No coding needed

Easily Customizable

Use only the features you need and you can Turn on or Turn Off features (example: top bar toolbar, menu, side drawer menu, Admob ads, bottom bar.... etc easily without removing code! (with Boolean Feature Switches)

Key Features List

Note: In the demo app, you will see many features like bottom bar, drawer menu (left menu), Toolbar, Too many permissions, etc. This is here to just show you the features, you can disable those features in source code and enable only the features you need. This can be easily done using Boolean Switches Control in source code, without Removing any code!

Purchase Advanced Plus

To buy this source code, please choose a contact option below, you can directly contact us with Whatsapp, Email, Telegram etc and purchase the code.

You can also purchase using PayPal. Just contact for more details

Some Apps built with Advanced Plus

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this Advanced Plus?

A. Advanced Plus WebView is a Source Code for android that can be used to convert your website to android App easily, you can change color, website link, theme, app icon etc in source code.

2. What things are required to use it?

A. You need a Computer, Internet Connection and Android Studio, you can install Android Studio from this link

3. Do i need to know android programming to use it?

A. No, but you should know at least a basic text editing knowledge, the source code is easy to use even for beginners because we have provided a clear video documentation

4. Do you provide support after purchase?

A. Sure, we will provide free support until you are able to build the APP completely, if you get stuck, we can also help you by AnyDesk, TeamViewer, Call, WhatsApp etc

5. Can i upload the app built with this source code to PlayStore & other App stores?

A. Yes, all apps built with the code can be uploaded to Google Play Store & other App stores

6. If i have another App uploaded to playstore already, can i update that app with the app built with this code?

A. Yes, but you should use the same package id and sign the new app with the same key of old app, if you don’t have old app key, GooglePlay support can replace the key so you can use new key to sign the new App and upload

7. Will i get updates of the source code in future?

A. Yes, all our customers can get free updates when new codes released

8. If i don’t want build app, can you build my app for me?

A. Yes, we can also build your app with your requirements, you just need send us app details such as app icon, name, color, website link etc (additional charges apply)

9. How to purchase this code?

A. You can contact us on WhatsApp, Email, Telegram or Call etc. You can also purchase using PayPal if you are an international customer (just send payment to [email protected], This is our PayPal Email). If you are inside india, You can pay with PayTm, PhonePe, GooglePay etc

10. After purchase, How will i get source code?

A. We will send you a Google Drive Download link instantly after payment confirmed, the source code will be in a zip file

App Development + Source Code ($25)

If you are a beginner in app development or you are looking for someone to create your webview app for your website, use this plan. If you choose this, your app will be developed by us using the advanced plus project.

You will get your app ready in maximum 2 days and we will send you Signed app APK that is ready to install and GooglePlay distribution. We will also send you the source code, App key and other required files, so you can edit and update the app in future

  • We will Build your Android App
  • Delivery in 1 – 2 days
  • The advanced Plus Webview Code will be used
  • You will get app APK and Source Code in Zip
  • You can upload the App to PlayStore
  • You can edit and update the App anytime in future

To build your app by us, you need send us the following things:

  • App name etc
  • App icon
  • Your requirements
  • Your Website Link
  • Your preferred color
  • Splash Icon (if not, your app icon will be used for splash)

You can also contact us to build any types of android apps

More Source Codes

If you want more Source Codes for building different android apps, you can see this Source Codes List

Why we don’t sell this project in an online market place?

Market places like code canyon, envato etc take too much commission from a sale, commission like 50 – 75%. So as developers, we earn less and will be forced to increase the project price to $20 – $30 for apps like advanced plus, that we developers at zidsworld can’t accept.

We spend months to develop, fix bugs, add features etc to develop the advanced plus and other projects, also we are regularly maintaining the advanced plus and all other apps we sell on this website. So we chose to sell on our own website.

By selling on this website, we can sell apps for low price like $3 for basic webview app and $10 for advanced plus webview etc.

Your money is safe, we have sold many webview projects in recent months and all our customers like it and are happy because the project is affordable and customer support is best. Do not worry, every customer is very valuable to us

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