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Download Native Android App Source Code Template for WordPress REST API Websites

This is an Android App source code Template for WordPress powered Websites. This source code can be used to convert your WordPress website to native android mobile app easily using android studio.

This code will fetch all posts from your website and show them in recyclerview and it also supports pagination so this app can load all posts of your website.

For this app to work, your WordPress website should have REST API Support. But do not worry, all new wordpress based websites now supports REST API. If you want make sure that your website supports API or not, you can do the check i mentioned below this post

Screen Shots

Supported Features

This source code supports some cool features, and here’s the list

  • Fully written in java
  • Fully gradient theme
  • Auto sliding animated recent posts
  • Splash on Start
  • You can import this source code to Android Studio and easily build your app
  • Pagination Support. As you scroll down, more posts will be loaded from your website until the last post is loaded
  • Onesignal Notification Support
  • Customizable app colors
  • Loading Progress bar
  • Swipe Refresh
  • Admob banner and interstitial ADS support
  • Advanced Error Page
  • Boolean Features Switches
  • Custom fonts (ttf)Support for posts, titles, description etc
  • CSS support can be added in post contents
  • Swipe Refresh

These are the features currently supported.

Video Preview


Sample App Download

Here is the sample app of the source code, currently the app link is set to this website’s link.

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Download Sample App

How to check if your WordPress website supports REST API

To check whether your WordPress website Supports API or not, open your web browser and enter this link

Enter your website link in the space of yoursite, then open the link in your web browser. If your site supports API, you will see a screen similar to this image, this is the API response of this website

If you checked your site with the above link and you get a response similar to above screen, congratulations, your WordPress site Supports REST API, now you can get this source code and build app for your website. If your site doesn’t support REST API, you can install wordpress REST API plugin and enable REST API Support

How to Make Android App with this Source Code?

It’s easy to build android app with this code, all you need is import this project in android studio and do the following things

  • Set your website link
  • Set app name
  • Set colors
  • Set onesignal id (if any)
  • Set your package name

That’s it, you can then build APK and publish the app in PlayStore

Purchasing the source code

Source Code Cost – $20

Current Version – 1.1

Updated On – November 12 2020

To purchase the code, you can contact me on WhatsApp or Email. You can pay with PayPal, GooglePay, PayTM or any payment method that your country supports.


Whatsapp – Click here to send me whatsapp message

Email – Click here to send me an Email

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You can always contact me if you need help with this source code. I can also build android app for your WordPress website with $25.

If you want a webview based android template, you can check it in this page

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