Download Facebook Messenger Lite Apk App for Android

Facebook Messenger Lite Download for Android

Facebook messenger is a platform of Facebook to message, chat and group chat, call etc with people.

For Android, the original Facebook messenger is a battery consuming large app that needs lots of memory to run, so it is not good for phones with low memory, that is why Facebook messenger lite was created.

The lite version is supposed to be small in size, resources and battery friendly

I think it doesn’t have all the features of the big facebook messenger, but useful if you only use it for daily conversation

If you want a different Facebook app with easy navigation, night mode,dark theme and doesn’t require a messenger to message friends, try this one Lite Facebook app with dark theme and night mode for Android

You can download the original Facebook lite version below

Details of the App

Name of app: Facebook lite messenger
Size – 6.7 MB
File location – Google Drive
Apk version – 54.1

Download (Drive)

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