Download Videos Online without Apps

Download Videos online on any devices without any apps

In previous post, we talked about the best app for Android to watch and download online videos. In this post, we will learn how you can watch and download youtube videos without using any apps and on any devices that supports just internet browsing.

While there are many apps, especially the best video downloader app we talked in previous post to download videos on the android phones from youtube and many other online streaming websites, it comes with the limitation of supporting only android devices at the time. It requires installation of the app in the device, but an online web video downloader doesn’t need to be installed on any devices, all you need is a web browser.

There are many types and varieties of devices with different operating systems and softwares, so one app for all doesn’t work.

Such a limitation can be overrun with an online video downloader website.

There are many online web video downloader websites, but one of the best and easiest web video downloader is the Snappea online web downloader, the Snappea is an excellent online video downloader that can be accessed from any device that supports internet browsing regardless of the operating system they run on.

The Snappea supports searching, watching and downloading your favourite youtube videos to your device for offline use, in a breeze

At the moment, Snappea Supports only youtube videos, but in the next coming months, it will be supported more websites and will have more features

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Key features of the Snappea

Snappea being an online web downloader, no need installation of any apps, Supports all devices including PC, iOS, iphone etc. typically any device that can run a web browser is supported

Snappea is easier to use, no need wait long time, you can get your favourite videos instantly to download.

You can download videos from youtube using Snappea in different qualities such as 360p, 720p HD etc

Snappea also lets you download audios only in different qualities such as 128K, 160K etc Mp3 files

How to access Snappea on your device

To access Snappea, just open the web browser in your device, then type in the address bar, that’s it, the Snappea Website will open

How to download videos using Snappea

To download a youtube video using the Snappea website, enter the direct youtube link or search a video by typing the name of the video you want in the box, and then just click on the search icon.

Then a list of videos or the video you have direct link will appear, you can then click on the download button next to videos. In next screen, choose whether you want download it as MP3 or video,

then wait a few moments until the Snappea prepares the video for you to download.

When the video preparation complete, you can download it to your device. It’s really easy, no need to have any apps installed on your device, you only need a web browser and it will support on any device.

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