DY0A14D9H IC Chip for Bluetooth Audio Receiver

The DY0A14D9H is a Bluetooth chip found in the cheap Bluetooth audio receiver from china

There is no datasheet of this ic available. When opened the receiver, i found many leads of this IC not connected in the circuit, this could be the leads for mute,next,previous etc functions.

The bad thing about this cheap receiver is that it is mono and has weak sound output to some amplifiers, perhaps this is because the lazy Chinese engineers didn’t connect this chip in stereo mode, that’s what i assume since there are many leads of it unconnected.

No more information of this chip is available for now. If i find a datasheet, i will post here

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6 thoughts on “DY0A14D9H IC Chip for Bluetooth Audio Receiver

  1. I converted good quality wired earbuds to bluetooth using £1.99 bt earphones you can get on eBay. The sound quality on those buds is dreadful, but bt for that price has to be checked out! However, the mono thing is a big problem. I’ve ordered so many bt audio gadgets that are mono. As the OP said, info is hard to find. The chip on my set is HY0B14EDT. Literally zero Google results. A datasheet would be so good.

  2. This chip appears to be manufactured by AB bluetrum in China.

    It may actually be a chip that Bluetrum lists on their website but with a custom part number because it contains software that has been customised for a manufacturer that bought 10000+ devices.

  3. I was in search for this chip datasheet. Yet it’s a cheap bluetooth soc module, i was wishing if there could be a way to reprogram the firmware for better output.


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