Earphone Headset Inline Music Control Circuit DIY for Android Iphone and other CTIA Devices

Here’s the circuit for android or other CTIA standards earphone supported devices earphones inline music control, the next,prev,vol up, and vol down functions acquired using few resistors that connected from MIC to GND through push buttons.

This circuit works with android and apple earphones and other CTIA standards earphones.

Android earphone inline music control circuit

What this circuit can do?

This simple circuit has following functions

  1. Change music, play next or previous song when you push the buttons
  2. Pause or play the music

R1,R2 are resistors, sw1,sw,swp are push buttons. use correct value resistors. but i think a little less or a little more ohms of resistors may not be an issue

Earphone Pinout Image

ctia earphone pinout image for android iphone etc

This circuit works with Android,iphone devices. it can be integrated with your current earphone that doesn’t have next forward functions, so you get music control functions on it.

Good luck 🙂

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