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Fix Dead Laptop,No Lights Not Charging

How to Fix a Laptop that has no Lights,no Power Lights, not Charging

This is quite a common problem in a wide range of laptops. The cause is sometimes, or most of the time can be mild, such as dust in the motherboard circuit contacts,loose connections, or just some temporary power issues.

Sometimes, a more serious problem like motherboard damage,mosfet short circuit can be present

Symptoms of a dead laptop

  1. No any lights
  2. Not charging when charger connected, no charger light
  3. No sign of life, can look like completely dead

What are the causes for laptop dying with no lights and charging?

  1. Short circuit (usually capacitor or mosfets)
  2. Battery problem
  3. Mosfets in the power stage of circuits dead
  4. Cold climate
  5. Loose circuit connections
  6. Dust in the motherboard circuit
  7. Liquid spill on laptop, causing temporary or permanent short circuit

Main causes for a laptop’s sudden death can be from a number of conditions such as spilling liquid on laptop, usually on the keyboard, which causes short circuit in the main board Permanently or until the liquid dries.

Battery issues can cause the laptop to die, old batteries need to be replaced for the laptop to work efficiently. I think battery issues can’t be the reason for complete dead condition. Atleast a charging LED light should glow when charger is connected if the problem is with battery.

A short circuit in the power stage can appear like the laptop completely died. Usually it’s a mosfet or a series of capacitors shorting. This can be temporary or permanent until the mosfet or capacitors replaced

If you check the battery voltage with a digital multimeter (without battery removing), it will be 0 if short is present

Some fixes that you can try

Replacing bios battery

  • Sometimes, removing the coin cell battery in the motherboard, also known as bios battery – and replacing it with a new one can start the laptop running

Power discharge

  • Another thing you can try is remove the main battery from laptop and then press the power button for 30 seconds – this will clear any charge present in the circuit, thus resetting the laptop to a fresh state.
  • After pressing for 30 seconds, insert the battery back and then try to start the laptop normally

Time will heal

  • Sometimes, the laptop may be revived itself after the short cleared itself – only if dust or moisture are the reason for short circuit. This can take a few days to months. Try to open the laptop cover and carefully try to dry the board with a dry cloth or small brush.

If the laptop doesn’t come back to life after few days, you will need take it to warranty or repair service

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