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Fix ‘Firmware Upgrade Encountered an Issue in Samsung Devices’

How to solve Samsung flash error Firmware Upgrade Encountered an Issue. Please select recovery mode in kies & try again

What is this error?

This error commonly found in Samsung devices are caused by a problem that occurred when you are trying to do update,flash or download firmwares, recovery, root or other software related things on your Samsung devices. This error will make your device unable to flash any firmwares.

What causes this issue?

This error may have caused by the following reasons

  • Your USB cable disconnected during the upgrade process
  • Your computer died
  • Your Samsung device battery died
  • The file you trying to flash corrupted

Fixing the Firmware Upgrade Encountered Issue is easy

You can use the Samsung kies to fix the issue

But there’s another way, it’s a 1.3 Mb size tool called FRP Tool.

Frp tool

You can download the tool from here

Download that tool and install it in your computer.

Now connect your phone to computer and select the USB com port that you connected to your phone

Select soft brick error fix

That’s it, this should fix the error

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