Gas can Cause Chest Pain,Tightness and Fullness

Stomach Gas can cause chest tightness, chest pain,chest fullness etc

Those like us who are aware of life fading away around us at a faster pace because of heart diseases can’t ignore any sensations that are not normal in our chest area

Any feeling in this area can make us worry like – “is this related to heart?, am i going to get a heart attack? I’m going to die?”

Any abnormal sensations in the chest area can’t be ignored but surprisingly the heavy feeling, fullness, tightness, pain etc in and around the chest area can be sometimes so harmless, yes it could be just Gas or trapped Gas

What does it feel like to have gas or trapped gas in chest area.

It can feel like the following.

  • Feel like can’t get enough air into the lungs
  • Chest fullness
  • Dull pain
  • High awareness of heart rate
  • Chest tightness
  • Air bubbles feeling in chest

So before you worry a lot when you are getting chest discomfort, think of the probability of trapped Gas/wind in your stomach and chest area

If the tightness, fullness, pain etc subside or going away when you are moving, bending over etc, then it could be gas most likely

This is from my personal experience. I was feeling tightness and fullness around my chest and then it went away after sometime. I also was worried then i figured it out.

Warning, this may not always be the cause, any chest discomfort must be examined by a qualified physician especially if shortness of breath and chest pain involved. I’m not a doctor and what i say here is from my personal experience so it shouldn’t be taken like a professional advice

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