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Here is How to Make Your Android Studio Run Faster

How to speed up slow android studio performance

Android Studio is undeniably the #1 Android Development IDE software that is feature rich and comes with all the spanners and screw drivers you need for android development. sadly,many users are struggling with very slow,laggy,freezing and under performing problems with the android studio.

Most of the problems behind this slow and sluggish performance can be because one of these reasons – low ram, bad configuration, antivirus etc. in this tutorial, i will let you know a few fixes that might help your android studio to run a bit faster

1. Edit Custom VM Configuration

This is the number 1 fix most android experts suggest when talking about slow android studio. but seriously, this didn’t help me fix my slow android studio, but that may be because of a number of reasons such as i have many heavy softwares installed in my system, background processes etc, still i don’t believe this is the reason why my android studio was slower, but this settings have helped me to run faster after RAM upgrade, i mean i could only make my android studio run faster by upgrading my 4 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM.

But you can give it a try

Here is how to edit custom VM options in android Studio

Click on the Help tab and select Edit custom VM options

In that window, edit the configuration like this

-Xmx2048m //this you can increase for maximum performance

This is the custom VM options fix that they suggest, you can try this and restart your android studio

2. Upgrade your PC /Laptop RAM

This is what i recommend for you to do, you can make your android studio run faster and smoother by RAM upgrade.

If your Computer has ram like 4GB or 2GB, then that is the reason your android studio is too slow, you sure can’t do nothing much with a 2 GB ram, that is too low for any major editing tasks on any computer.

So the solution is upgrade your RAM to at least 8 GB, the more ram, the better it will be, with more ram, multi tasking is also productive so i suggest you to upgrade your ram to 8 GB least if your development machine ram is below 8 GB

If you can, invest in a SSD disk instead of the mechanical hard disk, this will greatly speed up your entire computer upto 50% speed boost!

3. Anti Virus Exclusion

Another reason for slower android studio performance is because your Anti virus maybe running heavy scanning in the background. Excluding your android studio program and project folders from your antivirus scan list will really improve your android studio performance, just go to your anti virus settings and exclude the folders and files, put them in the “no scan list”

4.Control Background Apps and Processes

Another things that you can try to improve your android studio performance is by controlling apps that may be running behind – in the background, also avoid multitasking with major memory consuming apps like Photoshop,games etc.

This list will be updated when necessary, stay tuned…

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