How to Activate Night Mode in Chrome Browser

Enable Night Mode in Web Pages in Chrome Web Browser

Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world that is used in platforms like PC, android and iOS etc.

Chrome is powered by Google and it has a lot of functions and experimental features. One such feature is the Night Mode, which turns all web page background color to dark. It’s an amazing feature that helps people to browse with less eye strain.

But, the option to turn on night mode isn’t available in Chrome settings. Since it’s an experimental feature, it should make its way to the settings in future to turn it on.

To turn the feature on now, you just need to type some code in the address bar of chrome and set the night mode to enabled.

How to Activate Chrome Night Mode in Android, PC etc

To turn on the Night Mode, just type this chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark in chrome address bar and hit Go. You will see a page with list, and set Enable under Force Dark on Web Contents. Now just relaunch the chrome to take effect, this works in android and windows chrome browsers when I tested


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