How to Block Thump Noise When Turning On Audio Amplifier

Delaying Relay Circuit to Block Thump or POP Noise of Amplifier

Thump” or pop noise is an annoyance when you turn your audio amplifier on/off, you can’t do much to stop the pop sound like adding more filter caps..etc. it didn’t help me.

The easy way to block the noise is by attaching a delaying speaker relay to the output of your amplifier

Here is a circuit that i designed for my 5.1 amplifier, because i was having trouble of a very loud “DUPP” sound through my subwoofer everytime when i turn the amp on.

The posted circuit is almost simple, and will give you 5 seconds of delay to turn on the output of your amplifier.

Note: C1 and R1 decide the time to turn the relay on, i used 47uf for C1 And 100k for R1 to get 5 Seconds, you can change the value of C1 for different timings and the output (to speaker) of your amplifier must be connected to relay and relay’s output should connect to speaker

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