How to Enable Developer Options in Android

How to enable Developer Options Menu in Android

The developer options menu in Android is no more reserved only for developers, anyone can access it with the tactic below.

But, you need to know what you are doing, for example, there are some settings in the developer option menu that can be used to change some protective system functions of your Android device

If you are a normal Android user, there is no need touch on these modes and settings.

This is how to Enable the developer options in your Device Settings

Follow these instructions if you want enable developer options, remember these options can be different on different device, So you will need do some digging around the options menus of your settings to find these options

Go to your phone Settings

Then select About device

Find “build number

Tap or click on the build number repeatedly, around 5 times, after you tap on it 5 times, the developer options menu will be unlocked

And now you will have access to developer options and USB debugging, you can now go back to settings and see the developer options menu in there.

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