How to Fix a Slow or Dead Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans provide cool breeze in the room while temperature in the atmosphere is high, which helps us to relax and sleep well.

Typical Ceiling fan

We don’t pay much attention to these fans unless they are slow or not working at all. They have generally long life and a ceiling fan in my room is aged around 15 years but still kicking good. Recently i opened it up and put on some lubes to stop the noise that was caused by ageing.

Common problems of Ceiling fans

Generally, a ceiling fan can be slow, or stop for a few reasons:

  • Bad Capacitor
  • Bad speed regulator
  • Bad windings
  • Bad connection
  • Bearings

Most common cause for a slow or stopped celling fan is bad Capacitor. So first thing you should check is the capacitor, which is a small tube around the length of your finger. There can be different types of these but the most common is similar to this below

Ceiling Fan capacitor

For fans to start, a large current is needed so the capacitor helps to start the fan and also sustains the speed of it.

By replacing the capacitors, most Ceiling fans can be revived to life. If replacing capacitor doesn’t help, try checking the switch, speed regulator and connection. If these are all ok, a bad winding is the reason which is hard to fix

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