How to Fix cannot resolve symbol ‘context’ in Java Android

This is a common error when you  use context as a variable but you haven’t initialized and declared it

for example, take a look at this screenshot. here is an AlertDialog showing the error in context (red color).

context error android studio


How to fix this error?

to fix this, use this simple code

final Context context = this;

This should fix the context because we now have declared it, let’s see the screenshot

context error fixed
The error is fixed now, no more red

Sometimes, the getBaseContext(),getApplicationContext() etc may also work instead of context, but not in every case, it depends on the code

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2 thoughts on “How to Fix cannot resolve symbol ‘context’ in Java Android

  1. Sorry to say this, but your solution is not working for me. I have placed it in a million different places to no avail. How could you help me? Thanks!


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