How to get back Suspended Google Play Android Developer Account

Is your Google play Android developer account suspended?

The Google will terminate, i mean suspend your Android developer account if that account gets multiple serious violations.

You have 2 chances, that means if you have 2 apps suspended, then your developer account may be terminated in the 3rd time a suspension occurs.

If your account gets suspended, then the only glimpse of a chance to get it back is by appealing them. if the appeal is rejected, then your account can be terminated forever and that is the worst thing an Android developer can experience

Not only that, all the other developer accounts that is associated or linked with your suspended account can also be terminated, you can’t make another Android developer account because they can remove every account you make without getting a refund.

I read that you also can’t make other developer account using fake identities because they will track everything.
I encourage you to practice to be a good Android developer and build original apps, not stealing other people’s hard work. That way, your account can live long and the chance of you getting successful with your own ideas are high.

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