How to Import App Icon for Your Android App in Android Studio Easier

Import Launcher Icon (app icon) for your Android App Easier

The launcher icon is one of the most important aspects of your android app, the launcher icons are located in mipmap folder of your app files, you can see the mipmap folder in android studio under the app > res > mipmap location.

You can create your app icon in a image editor software, such as photoshop or gimp first then we will import that icon

Easy and fast ways to import android app icon to your android project

There are several ways to import the app icon to the mipmap folders, first one is copying and pasting the icons to the folders one by one, this is actually a very hard way to put your app icons, because you will need to resize your app icon to multiple sizes so this is hard way, each mipmap folder has different size icons to support different devices, so you must put the icons in exact locations where they should be. if you don’t put the icons in the respective folders, your app icon’s visibility will be in wrong resolution and can be poor quality.

Image Asset Studio

The other smarter and easier way to import your app icon to the mipmap folder is by using the android studio’s built in option in the option menu, this is called ‘image asset’, this is very useful option, simply select the icon you want add to the app and this tool will automatically resize the icons to different sizes that are required by the app. The image asset can be accessed in the option menu, in android studio, right-click on the app folder, a menu will appear, select New and then select Image asset

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Here is a screenshot

Image assets image
image assets in the menu of android studio


Selecting the image asset option, a new window will appear, select launcher icon from the drop-down menu, the choose ‘image‘ in the ‘asset type’, then select your app icon that you want use in the ‘path’, click ‘next

asset studio window

In the next window, select finish. That’s it, your app icon will be imported now


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