How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Whatsapp Messenger

Find out if you are blocked on whatsapp

Do you feel like you have been blocked by that special person you were chatting with on whatsapp? do you wonder why that person not responding to you anymore on whatsapp? did he really block you you? read on..

Here is a guide to find out who blocked you on whatsapp

If a person blocks you on whatsapp, some changes will be visible to you on their profile.

The changes are:

  1. The person’s profile picture will disappear
  2. You can’t see that person’s Last Seen anymore
  3. All messages you sent to that person will never be delivered.
  4. You can’t see that person’s statuses anymore

Here is an example screenshot of a whatsapp blocked contact

Whatsapp blocked example

In this screenshot image, you can see some numbers..

  1. No profile photo
  2. No Last Seen
  3. Message not delivered (only one tick)

So if you suddenly see theses changes in someone’s whatsapp account, chances are they blocked you or deleted their whatsapp account. These changes can also happen if that person deleted their whatsapp account.

How to make sure someone really blocked you on whatsapp?

So how to make sure if that person really blocked you or deleted their account?

It’s easy, just try to view that person’s profile from another phone number of yours or your friend’s phone number.

If you see that person’s profile photo, last seen or status etc on the new number but not in your old number, then yes that person Really blocked you on whatsapp. 🙁

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