How to Make a Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Yourself

Here is How to Build a DIY Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System

Want to build a high quality and yet, simple Bluetooth speaker system yourself? This tutorial is for you.

We are now familiar with Bluetooth wireless sound devices, sound bars and wireless speakers. You can now buy such devices from market even for low prices, but with low prices comes problems such as weak battery life, low quality circuit boards and low quality audio (mono sound).

So if you want build a Bluetooth speaker system with high class quality components and circuit boards, best battery life and stereo Audio output etc, i will guide you to it.

In the end, you will have the best Bluetooth audio system that is rather expensive to buy, you will also get a power bank, why? Because the system uses power bank boards and batteries to power the boards

Building a DIY Bluetooth speaker system or Sound bar

This Bluetooth sound device we are going to build will have stereo audio sound, dual speakers (L+R) and great battery life, audio power will be 6W, (3Wx2).

Each speaker will get 3 Watts audio power

First, let’s see what things we will need to build one

  1. 2 speakers 3W, (4 ohms)
  2. Bluetooth board (HW-770)
  3. 3.7V Li-ion battery board (use a power bank board)
  4. 1 or 2 x 3.7V Li-ion batteries
  5. PAM 8403 stereo amplifier board

These are the basic parts that our project requires. All of these parts are available online and offline

The only thing we can’t buy is an enclosure or box to fit all these. You will have to build one yourself and this can be easy or hard.

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I built mine with wood, and here is a photo of it

This came out better than i expected 😋

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System Circuit Diagram

So after collecting all the parts i mentioned above, you need put these parts together and make connections to each board, here is a diagram to guide you

The connection to the boards is taken from one of the USB ports.

Make sure you check the polarity of the connection. The SW is a switch that is important

Charging the Device

The 3.7V power bank board works as a voltage booster and charging helper, it has a micro female USB port, you can charge the batteries with a phone charger

If you wish, you can add more parts to this device such as a 3.5 mm earphone audio jack so you can connect this Bluetooth device to more powerful amplifier such as subwoofers, power amplifiers etc through AUX cables.

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