How to Make a Bootable DVD Disc for Microsoft Windows

How to Make a Bootable CD DVD Disc for windows without using any software (third party software)

Windows make boot dvd disc

Welcome to the windows boot disc making tutorial. Today we are going to learn how we can make a boot dvd disc that can be used to install windows OS on laptop or pc.

It doesn’t matter if you are making the boot disc for windows 7,8 or 10, i got you covered (If there are still people who use the dvd to boot, i know i still do)

Bootable dvd discs are used to install windows in your computer, it is inserted in the dvd drive and then your computer booted to the installation wizard. this is how we install the windows in your machine. there are softwares such as Nero burning ROM,power ISO etc to do the job, but they are not free. there are some free softwares too..

You can also boot the windows from a USB drive, Pen drive etc. you can search in this site for the USB drive boot preparation tutorial.

So Let’s Start the Tutorial

We need to get a few things ready before starting the boot disc preparation..

  1. A functional computer with DVD Writer (Windows 10,7,8)
  2. A blank DVD 4.7 GB
  3. ISO file of windows below 4.7 GB size
  4. Time and Patience 😉

ISO file of windows contains windows software,we need the ISO to continue

Download the windows ISO file that you want install, you can download it from official Microsoft website after payment or license. you can use internet download manager software to download the ISO if you want, because the ISO file can be around 5 GB size.

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Start the Burning. . .

Insert the DVD in your computer DVD drive

Locate and right click on the ISO file that you want install, a menu will appear

Windows iso rom burn screenshot

Select burn to disc image on the menu

Note: If you can’t see the burn to disc image option in the menu, you need do a few things to make it appear

Making the Burn to Disc option Appear on windows

Right click on the iso and select open with

ISO burn disc image

Note i have already done this steps so iso options are visible in my option menu, don’t mind it.

iso file view windows explorer

And another menu will appear, choose Windows Explorer.

Mark the Always use this app to open .iso files. That’s it, now you should be able to see the burn to disc image option in the menu when you right click on the ISO file.

Now let’s continue the disc burning process

Select burn to disc image and the DVD disc burner wizard will appear

dvd image burner wizard

Select Burn. It will take some time to finish burning, you can mark the verify disc after burning if you want verify if the file is successfully burned to disc.

You can use the disc for installation after burning

That’s it. 😉

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