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How to Make a Drill Machine with 12V DC Motor

Here is How to Make your Own Drill Machine with 12V 775 Motor

You can now create your own 12 volts drill machine by following this post.

About this project

I have always wanted to create my own drill but I did not have the tools and components, this was a long time ago. Times have passed and recently when I searched online in the E-Commerce websites, I have found many parts that can be used to create small drill.

Every part is available online. If a part is not available in your local e-commerce sites, you can search on AliExpress.

So let’s start building the drill machine

Choosing the motor and parts

The Motor

In this project here, we can use RS 775 motor, the motor has good torque and can drill wood and thin metals with a power supply that can deliver good amperes. The motor is easily available in most local electronics shops

Adaptor and Chuck

If you will have any hard time to find something to build this drill, this is it. The challenge is to find a suitable adaptor and Chuck.

The 775 Motor shaft size is 5mm, so you need find an adaptor that can fit the motor’s shaft and also fit the chuck. You can easily find this adaptor and Chuck on AliExpress for price of around $10.

The chuck can hold drill bits of around 6mm and the chuck comes with a key for fastening bits

The Power Supply

The 775 motor needs 12V power supply. You can choose a 12V high ampere power supply. It doesn’t matter if you use 12V 30A power supply, the 775 will work good as long as you don’t exceed the voltage. A 12V and 5 ampere supply is enough for this machine.

Building the Drill Machine

It’s easy as a piece of cake if you sourced all parts. Just insert the motor shaft to the adaptor and use the L Key to secure it to the motor shaft.

Now insert the chuck to the other end of adaptor, that’s it.

Now you can connect the Power supply cable to the motor’s power pins in the back, use crimp terminals.

The motor’s rotation position can be changed by reversion of the Power supply. Keep in mind to use good power cables.

Uses of this machine

This machine can be used for many lightweight works including drilling, cutting thin wood, thin metal, grinding and polishing etc. There are many attachments available online to be used by this machine.

The motor is quite powerful because of the high torque. So it will be useful for your small scale projects. You can create a cover enclosure for this drill with PVC pipe, wood etc. I haven’t built one yet. If i do, i shall post it here.

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