How to Make Android App for your Website or Blog

This is how to make an android app for your blog or website

Android is without doubt, the largest operating system in the world powering billions of phones with over 2 billion active monthly users.

Building an android app for your website or blog is one of the most prominent ways to boost popularity, customers for your website or blog. This will greatly influence your userbase and increase your revenue.

Most people now prefer phone apps over browsers to use Websites because mobile apps are faster and easier to use than opening a web browser, entering your website link and waiting for your website to load.

Features of phone apps over websites

  • Easier to launch from app drawer of phones
  • You can send notifications to let users know about new posts or services etc.
  • Completely customisable – with colors, Icons, easy access navigation drawers etc
  • Users can easily find your website and increase your site traffic if you upload your app in app Stores etc

There are infinite ways for an app to be helpful for your website growth and I have listed only very small possibilities.

So how to build an android app for your Website or Blog?

To build an android app for your website or blog, there are generally 2 ways.

  • Native Android App Development for Website
  • Webview App Development.

Native android app development

Native android app development can be expensive depending on your website functions. It requires adding back-end codes and setting up an API on your website for your app to communicate with your website and retrieve data. But if your website is powered by WordPress, then it’s easy because WordPress already provides an API

Webview app development

Webview app development is cheaper compared to native app development because we don’t need set up API or back-end codes because it simply loads web page of your website within the web View of an app.

If you want build android app yourself for your website, you can do so using android studio IDE which is available to freely download. You also need to know a bit java programming language knowledge and Android development.

Developing Webview apps are not difficult if you are not a noob to android development, Webview apps are infact preferred by most Website owners because the cost of building a webview app is really cheap. I am building webview android apps for customers at just $20. I also build native android apps and provide other android development services including readymade source codes

So if you want a webview or native android app for your website, you can contact me using one of these options.

  • Email : [email protected]
  • Whatsapp : click here to send me a whatsapp message or use +91 9633 03 9471
  • Phone : you can call me on +9196 3303 9471

Develop WebView or WordPress Native Android App with Android app Templates

If you want develop Android webview or native WordPress API app yourself, you should know that you will need do a lot of coding and time investment. So to make the matters easier, we have webview and WordPress native android app templates.

App Templates we built, are basically android source codes having all the codes already written to handle different operations. All you need is set up a few things, like your website link, app icon, app color and theme etc. After doing those, you can just upload it to playstore or any other android app Stores. You can purchase and download the Templates from below links

Templates Download

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