How to merge 2 arraylists to 1 in android java

Mix, merge 2 arraylists into 1 ArrayList string in android java

You can merge 2 ArrayLists into one in android java easily with the help of this code below

First, initialize the ArrayLists, here are 2 example ArrayLists,

ArrayList<String> array1= gson.fromJson(jsonLink, new TypeToken<ArrayList<String>>() {

ArrayList<String> array2= gson.fromJson(jsonTitle, new TypeToken<ArrayList<String>>() {

          List<String> mergedList = new ArrayList();


Array1 and array2 are different ArrayLists, we now merged the 2 into 1 to a new arraylist, the mergedList is the new arraylist


Another Example

Here is another ArrayList merging example

ArrayList<String> array1 = new ArrayList<String>();
ArrayList<String> array2 = new ArrayList<String>();

   List<String> newlist = new ArrayList();{



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