How to Push Start an Autorickshaw

Here is how to Push Start a Diesel 3 Wheeler TukTuk Autorickshaw

Autorickshaw, also known as 3 Wheeler and tuktuk is a 3 Wheeler vehicle usually powered by petrol, diesel, CNG or Electric. It is a passenger vehicle that is used all over here in india and many other asian nations as cheap taxi service vehicles or private vehicles

Traveling in an autorickshaw is very comfortable and enjoyable and I also own one because sometimes I work as a Autorickshaw taxi driver.

Majority of people around india work as auto drivers to support the families. Although my primary income doesn’t come from auto driving, I really enjoy driving one and it helps to ease my mind after a lot of time sitting on computer coding or developing android apps for clients.

So, today let’s learn how to Push Start an autorickshaw if you are having trouble to start it because your battery is weak or a failing starter motor

Getting Ready to Push Start a Diesel Powered Autorickshaw

Here we will attempt to push start a diesel powered autorickshaw because i have successfully started mine with these steps. The steps are simple, you just need a second person to push or a steep road or place.

  • Get yourself and second person ready 😁
  • Tell the second person to start pushing 😖
  • Put your autorickshaw gear to second or number 2
  • Do not engage the clutch now!
  • Pull the decompression lever and hold. Don’t let it go
  • Now push the vehicle fast and when it is fast enough like 10-20 kmph or when you hear the engine thumping like “duh duh duh”, release the decompression lever
  • Now the vehicle should start and immediately engage the clutch once it started. That’s it.
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You can now drive the Autorickshaw to a repair shop or keep it running to recharge the battery. You can keep driving it as long as you need, just don’t stop the engine if it can’t be restarted without pushing, in that case, you will need a second person again to start it! 🤓

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