HW-770 Bluetooth Audio Module Board Review


The HW-770 is a bluetooth audio module that supports stereo audio output and bluetooth 4.1 support, i recently purchased it from aliexpress and so i thought i would share a review of it

The HW-770 main features

  1. Stereo Audio Output
  2. Bluetooth 4.1
  3. 3.7 V to 5V Supply voltage
  4. A2DP / AVCTP / AVDTP/ AVRCP/ HFP profiles
  5. Inbuit headphone 3.5 mm jack
  6. Micro USB port
  7. Good quality sound
  8. LED indicator
  9. Battery connection terminals

HW-770 Bluetooth Module Review

HW-770 is a good bluetooth module board with stereo sound output and good quality sound, supporting a wide range of profiles and 4.1 bluetooth, it is worth for buying.

But there is really one annoying and disturbing thing about the board: the annoying chinese lady sound each time you connect and disconnect bluetooth, this is a major downside, and other than this, the board is a useful one!

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