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Is it Safe to Buy Online From AliExpress?

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Can you trust Aliexpress?

So you are thinking of buying something from aliexpress, you are not sure whether its safe or not to purchase from there. well, i will let you know my buying experience on aliexpress. i have bought around 50 products so far (by the time of publishing this post)

First, let’s know a few things about

What is Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is an international online e-commerce store based in china and is owned by Alibaba group. it is one of the most popular online stores in the world that stands out from other online stores because aliexpress is large, you can find almost any products on aliexpress because as you already know, china produce tons of products and ship throughout the world.

Chinese products are cheap (Build quality of the product can be cheap too), lots of people use these products because of the low price.

In aliexpress, you can find almost any products that are hard to find, you can even get some products in bulk quantity or in lot, some of them come for wholesale price which is impressive.

The reason why you get some things for cheaper price is because some sellers directly sell their products from their factories.

My main reason shopping from aliexpress is – i am a hobbyist of electronics, DIY(Do it yourself stuffs), etc. so i get electronics components and hardware tools etc for low prices in there.


So is it safe to shop on aliexpress?

Yes, let’s say it is safe to buy from based on my experience so far. as i pointed out earlier, i have purchased around 50s of products from aliexpress, got no problem so far, just a long time waiting. yes, it can sometimes take months for you to get your product delivered to your country.

What if i didn’t receive my order from aliexpress?

Aliexpress will refund all your money if you didn’t receive a product in time. you can return it if a product is damaged in transit, received different product, quality issues etc. but sending the product back can be costly, you will have to pay the shipping fee for a product to send back.

Sometimes, the shipping charge can be a lot more than the product cost itself. but let’s not worry about it, at least in my case as i have never met an issue with product quality or damage.


Are there bad sellers in Aliexpress?

There can be, yes, all the sellers i purchased from were friendly and helpful, just one seller wasn’t so good, yes i didn’t receive an item in time so i opened a dispute, the seller contacted me that he would send me another one if i close the dispute, but guess what? it never came. so he didn’t send it or it is lost too on the way, i got the money back anyway so no worry

What you see is what you get in aliexpress, they send only the same item that you saw in the listing and descriptions, colors may vary

So the answer is, yes, i would say it is safe to shop on aliexpress based on my buying experiences there. just don’t let the app to save your card details there, just in case, you know.


If you had any bad experience from aliexpress, please let me and the other people know, kindly post your negative experience below in the comments.

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