Jio 1699 Diwali Data Offer is Useless here’s why



Reliance jio recently introduced the 1699/year data plan as Diwali offer

The offer says it will give 100% cash back, but how?

Yes, as stated by major news channels, cash back will be only in the form of coupons or vouchers that can only be used for shopping in reliance digital stores for purchases above 5000.

I don’t see any offer here, it is just a business trick to force you buy from reliance stores for purchase over 5000.

The jio 1699 offer is just like the 399 offer that gives 1.5GB data everyday for 84 days or 3 months.

So you need to do 4×399 recharges in a year that will cost you around..hmm let’s calculate 4×399 = 1596 rupees.

As with the diwali offer, it is 1699 a year so you lose 103 rupees. You will also not be able to use any vouchers in this period for recharges. For example, i have around 6× Rs.50 vouchers that i can use for subsequent recharges of 399 or more, each Rs.50 voucher at a time, so my 399 plan will cost only Rs 349 for 3 months with the 1.5GB data.

So for a year, with coupons, i have to do only 349×4 = 1396 Rupees recharges

1699 recharge can be done just one time in a year and i can only apply only one Rs. 50 cash back voucher

After the period of a year, the vouchers will expire and become useless. And i don’t think i will ever go to reliance store to use the 1699 100% cash back offer

For people that go to the reliance store it is a good offer, but for me no.

So the offer is useless for people like me.

Still thank you jio for the low cost internet plans

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