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LC51 5V Charger IC, Pinout and Details

LC 51 5V car charger ic description and pinout diagram

The LC 51 is a 5V car charger ic. I found it in a cheap Chinese made car charger and looked for a datasheet but it can’t be found.

here is a photo of the charger

From my use and testing of this charger, it is too slow to charge phones, too slow like it takes around 5-10 or more minutes to charge atleast 1% to my 3300 mah battery powered android phone, so this is not useful for me

The maximum current output of LC51 IC

From my testing with the ampere app, the charger outputs just around 400mA, that is too low to charge any modern phones,but i think there may be some possibility to make it output more current by tweaking the feedback circuit.

This ic can also be used for other uses such as converting 12V to 5V directly to power some digital circuits that doesn’t require high current

The pinout of this ic is traced by myself since the datasheet is unavailable

Pinout of LC51 Charger IC

In the circuit, the vcc pins are connected to +12V directly, use caution, that if you reversed positive and negative terminals, the IC will get fried instantly 🙂 (from my experience ), so i strongly suggest adding a diode in the positive terminal to protect the IC.

If you looked in the charger circuit by opening it, you can see that the feedback pin is coupled with an inductor, a diode is also there and an LED is directly connected to pin 5

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