Make Android Webview Support PayTM Google Pay PhonePe UPI

GooglePay, Phonpe and PayTM support in Android WebView

If you have built an android app for your new ecommerce website or any other website that needs accept payments from GPay, PhonePe, payTM and UPI etc, chances are you just realized the android Webview doesn’t support PayTM, Googlepay and PayTM links. The webview must open the required app whenever you clicked on a payment link of the apps mentioned above.

To support PayTM, googlePay and PhonePe payments in your Android Webview app, you will need some additional codes in the Webview activity. The webview doesn’t support it out of the box and this issue is very common in webview apps. 

What you will see is an Unknow url scheme error In the webview whenever you click on any PayTM, Gpay,PhonePe or other UPI links.

How to support GooglePay, payTM and PhonePe payment Apps support in Android WebvIew?

Webview UPI Support

To fix it, i have found a solution and the solution is coded in the Advanced Plus WebView Source Code, If you don’t already know, Advanced Plus is a most advanced Webview source code to easily make android apps for any websites and it supports many advanced features such as File Upload, PayTM, PhonePe, Gpay and other UPI links, Notification, Location etc. So if you need it, head over to this page – Download Android Advanced Plus Source Code 


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