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Make Speakers Box Yourself – DIY Stereo Speakers Building with PVC Pipe

Do It Yourself Home Made Stereo Speakers with Enclosure Box Building tutorial

What if you can Build a pair of good quality Stereo speakers with boxes yourself that is quite good looking and durable?

In the electronics market, there are stereo speakers available to buy from low to expensive price range, but since we do-it-yourself lovers like us love to do build things, we can build a pair of these speakers with less effort and with high quality.
The core of this project is a PVC pipe. If you can find a PVC pipe in black color, this would save a lot of time and you will not need paint it.

If you cannot find a black or your desired color PVC pipe, you will need to paint it to black,white or any colour you like.

The painting is not required but if the PVC default color is not good, you can paint it, it will look better.
If painting is not your thing, you can do it with some stickers, stickers will look good, maybe it will look better than painting.

Next, let’s look into the things we need to create this project

We need these:

  • Drilling machine
  • PVC pipe
  • Hole saws
  • Wood plank
  • Sand papers 80 grits and other
  • Small screws
  • Glue gun
  • 3W Speakers x2
  • Cable to connect speakers

that’s it
These are the things we need to create a pair of stereo speakers.

About hole saws

The hole saws are special kind of tools that is attached on the drilling machine, the purpose of a hole saw is to cut wood in round shape or make precisely round holes on the wood

If you are going to buy hole saws, make sure you buy a whole box of hole saws, because if you buy separate ones, this will be more expensive than buying a box, the box will contain different sizes and we will need 2 sizes of hole saws for this project

So let’s start building the project
First measure the size of the 3 watt speakers, the speakers must fit inside the PVC pipe
Next cut the PVC pipe for approximately 6 inches in length. Sand the cut surface well with fine grit sandpaper

Next, get the wood plank and attach the hole saws on the drilling machine,  we need make 2 round cuts on the wood, the first part will be used on the front of the PVC pipe and the second part will be used on the back of the PVC pipe

In the front part, we need to make an additional cut, this cut will be used for the speaker vent, you can attach a small net or grill on this vent to protect the speaker, use the sand paper now to clear any imperfections on the wood and sand it smoothly.

Now is the time to paint if you want to, because you can’t paint after installing the speaker, it will ruin it.
I painted the wood parts to black, instead of painting, you can do the stickers on the parts if that’s easier.

Next, get the glue gun and glue the speaker to the inner side of the front wood part.

After Gluing, the speaker must now be intact and strongly bonded to the wood, Now get the soldering iron and solder the cables to the speaker, remember to solder exactly to the plus and minus terminals of the speaker, you can use black cable for minus and red for plus


Next, insert this part to the front  of PVC and screw it to the PVC nicely, I used the small screws that is used inside the cellphones, you will need 4 screws for 1 speaker unit

Next, drill a small hole with a 10 mm or more drill bit in the back part of the wood, this hole will be used to pass the speaker cable  out.
Remember to tie the cable inside, so the solder will not come out if you accidentally pull the cable

Next, close the back part of the PVC with the other wood part, you can glue this to the PVC pipe since we will not need open this part for repairs in future

This is it, hopefully you have built a nice speaker unit, you will need make another one of this unit for stereo speakers. These speakers can be used as satellite speakers, stereo speakers etc in your room or automobiles, the sound is nice and will work quite good with sub woofer

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  1. This would be a good side DIY project, now if I could get my hands on the other tools that are needed for this.

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