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Manufacture Lora-E5 project Free with Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly Service

Manufacture Lora-E5 project Free with Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly Service

Updated News:  To accelerate the development of IoT industry to the next level, Seeed is 100% sponsoring Lora-E5 projects with the Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly Service for all hardware enthusiasts, designers, makers, and engineers around the world!

Good ideas need to be discovered, and good projects deserve to be recognized, realized and widely disseminated! Each person is limited to two PCBA boards 100% completely FREE for one design, including PCB fabrication, the cost of parts, assembly and shipping. The design must include LoRa-E5.

The much-awaited Lora-E5 Module is here! this module is very well welcomed by loT community and now to support and contribute the community further and to help mass produce the lora projects, Seeed has launched a discount program which gives you $250 discount as sponsorship when you manufacture Lora-E projects at seeed! sounds good, right?

Now for those who doesn’t know what an E-5 Lora Module is, read on here

What is LoRa-E5?

LoRa is a network modulation technique that is low-power consuming and has wide-area capabilities and lora-E5 is the world’s first LoRa module with an ST system-level MCU integrated. It has compact size, is easy to install and fine tune so the LoRa-E5 is perfect for innovative smart IoT projects. By enhanced capabilities of LoRa technology, LoRa-E5 is suitable as LoRaWAN sensor nodes and other wireless communication applications, specifically for long-distance, ultra-low-power applications. It can assume a significant part in giving keen and effective organizations later on. For instance, in brilliant urban communities, mechanical applications, keen home applications, medical care, farming and so on

For more details about LoRa-E5, please refer to the link below:


Lora-E5 project Sponsorship

This LoRa E5 module is planned with modern principles, so it’s exceptionally appropriate to be utilized in planning mechanical IoT items. To more readily uphold the large scale manufacturing of these tasks, Seeed is offering a $250 sponsorship to bring down the expense of the prototype.

Instructions to apply:

All you need to do is click here just fill in the form and complete your LoRa-E5 design.

For the individuals who have effectively applied for sponsorship, let us know when the plan dependent on LoRa-E5 is finished. We will audit your application and satisfy the sponsorship by providing a $250 coupon to your account.


Offers and support for large scale manufacturing clients

We are focused on giving a platform that clients can make IoT plan and create more helpful, effective, minimal expense, and have a lower disappointment rate loT designs

Seeed has an adequate stock of Lora-E5 this year, so there is no compelling reason to stress over supply and deficiency, which implies it is truly appropriate for large scale manufacturing of Lora-E5 projects.

More excitingly, every mass-delivered Lora-E5 task will get a discount of up to 6% of the creation cost. Seeed will likewise give proficient balanced specialized help and support for each large scale manufacturing user, and settle the client’s creation and plan issues on schedule. Also, Seeed furnishes every client with free DFA and DFM investigations, just as a free useful test to guarantee item quality and lessen client misfortunes and postponements brought about by quality issues.

After your item has been effectively delivered, Seeed can likewise assumes a part in advancement. We will spread your item through commercial center, Twitter and Facebook official record, expanding item openness and moving more individuals.

On the off chance that you are occupied with remote applications, or other shrewd IoT projects that use the LoRa-E5, then, at that point don’t pass up on this chance! Simply get your sponsorship of $250 with Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly Service!

About Seeed

Since 2008, Seeed Studio® has been focused on providing worldwide designers with quicker and greater assembling services. Our central goal is to make equipment more open and lower the limits of equipment development. From DFA’s free help for all board mounting requests to free utilitarian testing services and Fusion board mounting service centers giving clients quick and safe one-quit prototyping services.

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