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Mini Militia Game Tricks and Tips

A list of cool tricks and tips that actually works in the mini militia Android Game is here, the list will be updated as new tricks and tips emerge.

The mini militia is an interesting online android shooter game that you can play in a team or alone with other online players. The game has interesting places such as snow, jungle, underground etc where you can play

The game has a wide range of weapons including snipers, machine guns and hand guns etc. Epic weapons such as saw gun, laser gun, and EMP guns are also there in the list. You can unlock and upgrade these weapons when you earn coins and cash or if you want buy.

Tricks and tips in Mini Militia

Some tricks are here that you can use to maximize your chance of winning and become the hero.

Sniper Head Shot

Shooting at the head of enemies with the M93BA sniper gun will kill the enemy instantly

Grenade Damage Reduction

If an enemy throws a grenade at you, tap and hold the navigation down button (sit), and the effect of the grenade explosion will be minimal. You will lose some health but the chance of dying is minimal.

Keep in mind that the grenade must not be too close to you, i mean in the center of you, this will kill you, so go a little far from the grenade and it will have minimal impact to your health bar.

Upgrade your weapons on time

You must upgrade your weapons as you reach more ranks, each upgrade on a weapon will make it more powerful.

Upgrade common weapons more

Common weapons such as Uzi and magnum guns are the only ones you get while a game starts, so to minimize the chance of getting killed by other powerful weapons, make the common guns upgraded more often.
If you know any other legal tips and tricks for mini militia, you can send it to us in the comments below, it will be added in this list featuring your name.

This list will be updated..

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