Facebook Night Mode Android App Download

Activate Night Mode Dark Theme in Facebook with this Android apk App

Using facebook for long time at night? you need an app with dark background color while using facebook because looking into a white and bright screen for long periods can cause your eyes and brain disrupt their normal functions, especially at night.

So here is an android app that i have developed to help this issue, it is not so advanced but is able to activate a dark theme throughout the app to save your eyes at night

It is the brother of a same kind of android app that i have developed a few months ago which you can find here












Main Functions of this Android App

  • Supports Dark Theme
  • Supports Light Theme
  • Fast and Light
  • Battery Saving while using Facebook

Download Night Mode for Facebook Android App

File Location: Google Drive

Version: 4.4.0

Size: <10 MB

Download here

Recent news from tech world suggests that soon there would be official dark or night mode in facebook apps but we are not sure when they will arrive, until then you can try this app.

Kindly do not forget to leave a comment if you like this app, and buy a pro key if the app is good enough for you



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